Education 002 | COVID-19

In honor of our philanthropic mission, Subtle Indecencies is giving FREE masks to all healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have pooled together extra resources and have had very generous donations that pushed this forward. Our masks our double lined with cotton and have a pocket for filters that block bacteria, viruses, and cough and sneeze particles. These can be changed as often as needed and the masks can be washed-  making them reusable. Each mask is coming with 4 extra filters and instructions on how to make more out of M3 filtrete advanced allergy filters. We understand the gravity of the situation at hand and the shortage of PPE this has caused and this is our temporary (but effective) solution. With that being said, the donated masks are first in line, but we have listed ones for sale for non-healthcare workers. Funds will be added to my reserve to be recycled into production of the masks if/when the donations run out. If you or someone you know is a healthcare worker and in need please don't hesitate to contact me!
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